Synaesthetic is an Amsterdam based studio founded on the idea of the powerful connection between shapes, colors and textures. This is a personal project of Julie de Galan: she draws inspiration from synaesthesia, a phenomenon in which individuals experience a powerful connection between colors and shapes. 
All designs are made in the studio, produced through 3D-printing or laser cutting. Silver or gold is then cast, worked and polished by hand by a local goldsmith.
All products are specially made-to-order.
*Estimated shipping time for each piece is shown on the product page

Product maintenance

Each piece is finished by hand. Meaning that minor differences in texture or appearance are a natural aspect of handcrafted goods! Here you can find some tips to maintain your pieces.

Silver/Gold metals may naturally tarnish when exposed to oxygen and sulfur particles in the air, chemicals, liquids and substances from the skin. To maintain the finish, use a gentle cleaning method, such as a silver polishing cloth or a silver dip solution.
*Handle your jewelry with care to prevent scratches and damage.
*Avoid placing it on hard surfaces.
*Remove jewelry before engaging in activities that could cause damage, such as exercise or household chores.
*Keep it away from harsh chemicals like perfumes, detergents, and chlorine.
*Avoid contact with cosmetics, as they can affect the appearance of your jewelry.
*Using gentle methods suitable for its material, such as using a polishing cloth for silver or a mild cleaning solution for gold.
*Understand that handcrafted pieces may exhibit slight variations in texture and finish.